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      1. CASE STUDY

        Smart Business Intelligent Transportation Security

        Xincheng Holding Group

        Xincheng Holding Group

        Xincheng Holdings's flagship of the city complex, Wuyue Plaza, has a strong financial strength and a new generation of experiential business models. It has deeply cultivated commercial property subdivision areas and promoted the emergence of the "Wuyue" brand in the commercial real estate field. Strong brand appeal. At the same time, I Yue Plaza continues to expand its territory. Each project has its own unique characteristics. However, the "My Yue model" behind it is always implemented, which fully makes up for the strong demand for the quality complex in the area. As a leading brand of Chinese experiential business, I am happy to combine many advantages. Wherever I go, I will create a new landmark in the city and lead a leap in regional value.

            As China's leading artificial intelligence visual technology service provider, VION Intelligence provides accurate and efficient face passenger flow solutions based on its deep technological accumulation and mature products and programs, and assists it in realizing customer gender, age, and other attributes recognition in a short period of time. Repeated shop staff filtering and other large amount of basic data information acquisition; At the same time, users can also use the cloud management platform provided by VION Intelligence to realize remote tour stores and accurately count the daily and monthly passenger flow data of each store; The "face recognition + passenger flow statistics" system scheme embedded in the in-depth learning algorithm makes face recognition faster and the data more accurate.