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                    INDUSTRY SOLUTIONS

                    Intelligent Transportation Smart Business Security

                    Lukougaoqing Electronic Police Solution

                    Programme Profile

                    With the increase in China's overall strength and national income, the number of motor vehicles has grown rapidly. As traffic flows are collected in multiple directions, traffic traffic violations such as running red lights and retrograde occupation of non-motor vehicles have increased, and road traffic accidents have also become more and more frequent. At the same time, how to plan traffic light waiting time to improve the road utilization rate has become an urgent problem to be solved. In response, Beijing Wen 'an Technology Development Co., Ltd. has independently developed a high-definition electronic police monitoring system solution with a new generation of 6-megapixel HD smart full-sensing cameras as capture equipment. Based on the latest GATT 496-2014-`` General Technical Conditions for the Automatic Record System for Red Lights "to record the illegal behavior of motor vehicles while recording the driver's facial features to obtain evidence, effectively eliminating the substitution and withholding of driver's license points. The system has identification functions such as license plates, vehicle marks, models, and body colors, which can enable people to catch red lights, press lines, retrograde lines, drive in irregular lanes, drive in non-guide lanes, violate parking, and make pedestrians unceremonious. And intersection congestion, vehicle queuing length, traffic flow and other information data acquisition functions. By reducing the occurrence of these violations, it not only reduces the chance of traffic accidents, but also reduces traffic congestion such as traffic jams caused by irregular lanes, and becomes an effective means to ensure the safety and smooth flow of traffic intersections.



                    • 集成度高,易部署

                      系统高度集成,集高清摄像机、视频检测处理器、I\O控制器、固态存储、 通讯传输与一体。

                    • 数据存储安全


                    • 扩展性强,易对接


                    • 嵌入式系统,安全稳定