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          Intelligent Transportation Smart Business Security

          Road section HD bayonet solution

          Programme Profile

          With the improvement of China's overall strength and national income, the number of motor vehicles in China has grown rapidly, the pace of road construction has been accelerating, and the level of urbanization in the country has been constantly increasing. At the same time, the contradiction between the current situation of traffic management and the demand has further intensified. Traffic accidents, criminal and public security cases related to traffic are also on the rise year by year, especially after the accident or crime, driving along the road, stealing motor vehicles, speeding illegal driving and other acts are extremely harmful to society. In response to the above problems, the ministry of public security has successively launched activities to create a "smooth road" and implemented a "smooth project" plan, the purpose of which is to improve the level of traffic management and adapt to the needs of construction of safe cities in China.
          Beijing Wen 'an Technology Development Co., Ltd.'s multi-function bayonet system is mainly based on a 3-megapixel CCD HD intelligent integrated machine and a 6-megapixel HD full-sensing intelligent integrated machine. The system uses pure video analysis technology and is compatible with radar assisted trigger methods. Capture and capture. It is not only possible to achieve the traditional security card capture function, but also to capture and capture common traffic behaviors such as speeding, pressing lines, driving in irregular lanes, and illegal turning around. At the same time, the system provides double code stream HD video monitoring and 24-hour real-time HD video functions, which can provide investigators with the necessary technical means to accurately and timely obtain important clues in the detection of heavy cases.



          • 集成度高,易部署

            系统高度集成,集高清摄像机、视频检测处理器、I\O控制器、固态存储、 通讯传输与一体。

          • 数据存储安全


          • 扩展性强,易对接


          • 嵌入式系统,安全稳定


          • 系统维护方便


          • 硬件坚固耐用