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          Intelligent Transportation Smart Business Security

          Illegal Parking Capture Solution

          Programme Profile

          With the rapid development of the urban economy, the number of urban motor vehicles has rapidly increased, and the comprehensive problems such as parking difficulties and traffic jams have become increasingly prominent. The frequent occurrence of road parking and illegal parking on urban road sections not only hinders the rapid passage of urban roads but also increases the cost of urban travel, affects the overall image of the city, and also exacerbates the further congestion of urban traffic and falls into a vicious circle. In large and medium-sized cities in China, large and medium-sized schools, hospitals, bustling business districts, railway stations, and other places where people and cars gather, are areas where illegal parking and parking are frequent, and therefore it has also become one of the important factors that cause traffic congestion.

          Beijing Wen 'an Technology Development Co., Ltd. independently developed the illegal parking grab detection system to adopt the industry's first two-ball grabbing model, capturing the front and rear parts of illegal vehicles to avoid law enforcement disputes. The system supports automatic testing throughout the day or for limited periods of time. In addition to illegal parking, it also detects illegal motor vehicle violations such as retrograde, compression, and illegal U-turns, and automatically identifies illegal vehicle license plate numbers, license plate colors, and models. As reliable evidence for off-site traffic enforcement. It can effectively alleviate the traffic congestion of urban roads and create a safe and harmonious traffic environment.



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